Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Count baron von frogman

An important fixture in our lives. Quite. The glass eyepiece says it all.

Shifty-eyed alien-looking alarm

Even though this alarm has a noble function as an alarm, I can't help but think there's something not quite trustworthy about those eyes...happy to 'look the other way' from time to time...

Curious mr. alien chair

I came across curious Mr. Alien Chair a few days ago, blending into my local cafeteria. He's not too bright and sort of lounges about all day, but he's a good guy.


Jack is an old phone. He's a bit grumpy, so I had to take this photo from a distance. I suppose working hard for many years has its 'toll', so jack is happy to just be left alone, chilling out watching people :)

Mr. Robot sign

This is robotic back-of-sign-in-pub. He doesn't eat and has a very small mouth, but his eyes are full of life!

Sad socket

This is sad socket. He was not used for electricity and feels left out, shocked even!