Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spooky, happy, octopus house thing

Ok ok, bit of a vague description there! But what is it? I'm pretty sure it's harmless. Maybe that's a moustache and its mouth is a big "O". Maybe it's trying to figure out what we
(Thanks to Lydie for this one)

Ugly But Happy!

My, what a big nose this guy has. But he doesn't care one bit. His job is very important; he makes sure there's lots of hot water every day so that people can keep themselves nice and clean - a very nose-bel job!
(Thanks to Lydie for this one)

The Black Swan

There's always one in every family, isn't there? Well, plug sockets are no different. This guy look like he was adopted - he definitely didn't get that nose from his parents!
(Thanks to Lydie for this one)